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Noh theatre and videogames, again

Deigan certainly is one of noh theatre’s most perplexing mask, one of the most difficult to define because of its eerie expression and ‘human yet non-human’ features. It is in fact used for a number of different characters, from malevolent spirits to ghosts of elegant courtiers, to dragon goddesses. So much that Square Enix designers picked it up for a character (a villain of course) in one of their forthcoming videogames.

Here below is how a real deigan mask would look like.

Deigan 泥岩, by Otsuki Kokun

Mirrors of the Mind – Noh masks and costumes exhibition in Kyoto

Noh masks by Otsuki Kōkun and costumes of the Orinasu-kan collection are being displayed at the Orinasu-kan in Kyoto until February 25th (see map below). The event is a follow-up of the successful exhibition at the Portland Japanese Garden in December 2017.