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Mirrors of the Mind – Noh masks and costumes exhibition in Kyoto

Noh masks by Otsuki Kōkun and costumes of the Orinasu-kan collection are being displayed at the Orinasu-kan in Kyoto until February 25th (see map below). The event is a follow-up of the successful exhibition at the Portland Japanese Garden in December 2017.




A Noh costume is composed of various parts which are assembled and sown together directly on the actor just before the performance. Eri (neck-collars) come in various colours indicating the nature of the character wearing them (age, gender, social status, etc.). For Kiyotsune I will wear a blue collar like the one pictured below. Eri are among the few parts of the costumes that all Noh actors own, as they come directly in touch with parts of the body (such as the neck) which tend to sweat hence to easily damage fabric. The one below is a simple T-shape piece of white cotton with a strip of blue silk sown on top, which was made by a friend in Kyoto.