Awaji, Kongo-ryu utaibon


On May 12th I’m going to sing in the chorus for the maibayashi (dance and music excerpt) from the Noh Awaji at the Ninomaru Castle Takigi Noh in Matsuyama (Ehime pref.). This time the shite is going to be Higaki Takafumi, while Udaka Michishige is going to lead the chorus. It is the first time for me to…


Shochiku Kabuki X Uniqlo = Iemoto Noh X Nothing?

Popular Japanese apparel company Uniqlo has teamed up with Kabuki management company Shochiku to produce a series of t-shirts, trousers and accessories using Kabuki costume pattern designs as well as well as kumadori make-up impression known as oshiguma. It makes a lot of sense to me: Kabuki costumes have great designs that look very ‘cool’…

The fourth Ryumon no Kai – Toru (Jusandan-no-mai)

On Sunday 8th March 2015 at the Kongo Nogakudo, on the occasion of the fourth Ryumon no kai event, Kongo Tatsunori, son of the Iemoto Kongo Hisanori is going to perform the Noh Toru in the special variation Jusandan-no-mai. The Minister Minamoto-no-Toru, son of Emperor Saga, who built a magnificent villa in Kyoto called Kawara-no-in where…


Noh/Kyogen performers – Call for applications

      I spotted this on a wall in a subway the other day.   The Osaka Yosei-kai (Performers Training Association) has issued its annual performers call for applications. If you wish become a Noh or Kyogen professional, but you were not born within a family of professionals, you can apply to one of the…


Kongo Tatsunori’s marriage

This month’s issue of the Nōgaku Times features the marriage of the waka-sōke (son of the iemoto Head Master) Kongō Tatsunori with Mori Sayako, which was celebrated on October 8th in Kyoto.