INI Summer Intensive Program 2016

The INI – International Noh Institute is now accepting applications for its 2016 Summer Intensive Program. Participants will join INI members for a 2-week intensive training period. Learn everything about it HERE. Source: INI Summer Intensive Program 2016


Shochiku Kabuki X Uniqlo = Iemoto Noh X Nothing?

Popular Japanese apparel company Uniqlo has teamed up with Kabuki management company Shochiku to produce a series of t-shirts, trousers and accessories using Kabuki costume pattern designs as well as well as kumadori make-up impression known as oshiguma. It makes a lot of sense to me: Kabuki costumes have great designs that look very ‘cool’…


Kongo Tatsunori’s marriage

This month’s issue of the Nōgaku Times features the marriage of the waka-sōke (son of the iemoto Head Master) Kongō Tatsunori with Mori Sayako, which was celebrated on October 8th in Kyoto.

30th Matsuyama Shimin Noh 2014 – Midare

Originally posted on The International Noh Institute:
This year the Matsuyama Shimin Noh celebrates its 30th anniversary! On November 3rd 2014 Udaka Tatsushige, Michishige’s elder son, will perform the Noh Midare, a special variation (kogaki) of the Noh Shōjō. Udaka Norishige, his younger brother, will perform the maibayashi (chant and dance excerpt with instrumental dance) from the Noh Takasago. From 10:00 to…


Featuring Via

Tokyo-based journalist Mark Buckton has interviewed me for an article featuring this month’s issue of Via, a magazine that is distributed at airports and limousine buses in Tokyo. I’m privileged to have many photographer friends who have taken great pictures of my performances and training.

The 15th Udaka Seiran Noh: Hagoromo, Ataka

Originally posted on The International Noh Institute:
This year the annual Udaka Seiran Noh performance will feature the Noh Ataka with the very special kogaki (performance variations) ennen takinagashi, kai-tsuke kai-date. Udaka Michishige will take the leading shite role, while his sons Tatsushige and Norishige will take the tsure supporting roles as disguised yamabushi priests. Michishige’s eldest son Tatsushige will also perform his first Noh with a…