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About Diego Pellecchia

Dr. Diego Pellecchia (高谷大悟 – Takaya Daigo)

I received my PhD from Royal Holloway, University of London, with a thesis on the history of the reception of Noh theatre in the West. I practice Noh chant and dance with Master-Actor Udaka Michishige (Kongō School), and I have performed and led workshops both in Japan and abroad as a member of the International Noh Institute. In 2013-14 I have been a Japan Foundation post-doctoral fellow at the Ritsumeikan University Art Research CenterFind my academic profile here.

I am a recipient of the IFTR New Scholars’ Prize 2013 for my essay ‘Ezra Pound and the politics of Noh films’.

I began my training in Noh utai and shimai (chant and dance) in Milan, Italy in April 2006 with Monique Arnaud, the only Noh instructor (shihan) based in Europe. In 2007 I started to study with Master-Actor Udaka Michishige (Kongō School), leader of the INI International Noh Institute and performed my first shimai dance (Tsurukame) at the Kongō Noh theatre in Kyoto. In June 2010 I took on my first role in a full Noh performance as the tsure (companion of the main actor) for the Noh Makiginu. On 29 June 2013 I took the shite lead role in the full production of the Noh Kiyotsune

I contribute to the International Noh Institute website

Noh: Kiyotsune. Shite: Takaya Daigo (Diego Pellecchia)
Noh: Kiyotsune. Shite: Takaya Daigo (Diego Pellecchia)

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