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The 12th Kongō-ryū Fukyū Noh performance will take place on 6 July 2014 at the Kongo Noh Theatre in Kyoto. This year the Iemoto (grand-master) of the Kongō School, Kongō Hisanori, and his son, Kongō Tatsunori, will share the shite main roles in Aoi-no-ue, a ‘classic’ play that draws from episodes of the Genji Monogatari. In this Noh the spirit of Rokujō no Miyasudokoro, transfigured by jealousy after being rejected by Prince Genji, attacks the woman that has replaced her, Lady Aoi. The Kongō Fukyū Noh is a special event that seeks to disseminate the culture of Noh to the public: non-Japanese students can apply to get a FREE TICKET! 50 free tickets are available, and the deadline is June 23rd. Contact us for information on how to apply.

The 12th Kongō-ryū Fukyū Noh performance

Opening address: Udaka Michishige

Introduction: Wada Akemi

Noh: Aoinoue (mumyō no inori)

Shite: Kongō Hisanori, Kongō Tatsunori; Tsure: Udaka Tatsushige. Waki: Hara Dai; 

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