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Makura-jidoEvery year on September 9th from 13:00 UDAKA Michishige performs Makura-jido (aka Kiku-jido in other schools) as han-noh (only the second half of the play) at Horinji (法輪寺), a temple in the Arashiyama area, West of central Kyoto. I have posted about this annual event here, and so did Hanna McGaughey here. The play is set in China and tells the story of a young boy who was exiled to the mountains after he accidentally stepped on the Emperor’s pillow. Before being banished from the palace, as the court rites prescribe, the boy received from the Emperor lines of the Lotus Sutra, which he copied thousands times on chrysanthemum petals, an act that made him immortal… it is a very interesting story, with a Noh beautiful rendition.