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photo-1I’ve been keeping a log of my training of Kiyotsune. Probably much of it does not make much sense except to me, but I thought I would share some of them here.

  • The first verse is your chance to set the pitch for the whole play.
  • Kiyotsune is fairly young and educated, the pitch should not be too low and it should have a quality of smoothness and elegance.
  • Start low and use the first verse to find the right ‘pitch increase range’ within one sentence of yowagin.
  • It’s easier to adjust the pitch above than below.
  • Even if your face is covered, remember to keep lips and cheeks relaxed while you sing.
  • The chant is beautiful, be careful not to to let your mind wander too much as you listen to the ji-utai while sitting on the stool. You are the captain.

– 神秘神秘