Excellent post from Travis, raising the question as to whether academic blogging and publishing can conflict.

上り口説 Nubui Kuduchi

When we post online about our research topics, or about things we’ve discovered in the course of our research, how much is too much? Where should we draw the line? What should we and should we not share, in order to protect ourselves professionally?

When we write papers, we of course do not write that paper in a public place, such as a blog or a Wiki, while we’re working on it, nor do we post the completed paper online afterwards,* especially if we’re looking to ever develop that paper further, into a dissertation, or into something to get published. There’s too much danger of being accused of plagiarizing yourself (however that works – I have a hard time wrapping my head around precisely why that’s wrong, even though I sense strongly that it is), and, I suppose, if one is worried about such things, too much danger of someone…

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