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Just a quick link to report something I bumped into: three songs by Kyūko and Aina, based on the themes of three Noh plays: Teika, Ominameshi and Shōjō. As the authors specify in the description of the video, they have only been inspired by the content of the plays, and freely developed the lyrics on their own.

Despite the production of the songs, vaguely reminding some tacky period drama soundtrack, I actually find the experiment interesting, and I am honestly impressed by the huge leap the authors have taken by transforming something like Noh, often understood as old and venerable, into something so easy-listening: the characters of the three plays must be so alive in the imagination of Kyūko and Aina. The video also includes a link to an internet shop where it is possible to purchase postcards with bunnies in Noh costumes…